Friday, July 26, 2013

Written January 26, 2010

I do not consider myself an old guy by any stretch of the imagination, but when i look around at the obvious moral decline in the world around me, I cannot help but feel a certain sense of dismay. Seemingly all is already lost and this is all a waste of time, an afterthought as we increasingly speed towards critical mass, socially and politically speaking, but i cannot help but speak my mind.

America was once a proud shining light of freedoms, prosperity, innovation.. yay greatness on many levels. Today however, we are but a flicker of our former greatness. We have exported our ability to manufacture much of anything, justified by corporate greed and shareholders, instead we produce nothing but consumers with fewer and fewer means to earn a self sufficient living, meanwhile teaching our youth how to avoid responsibility for their actions by blaming it on a 'bad' upbringing or bad genes, and call in the police if they get spanked..

We are creating a nation of consumerist irresponsible whining immoral infantile...

But I digress.. A child is not to be blamed for the lessons he or she is taught, that is the responsibility of the teachers, and all parents need to realize their most important job IN this LIFE is to teach their children well (sounds familiar, i know). In fact, I submit that education is the most important investment in a nation's future that can be made. The ramifications of which touch all aspects of our society and directly influences our future, both individually and collectively. Unfortunately, intelligence is not socially supported or encouraged, it is all too often literally beaten out of the wide eyed, open minded children with great potential.

I could go on at length but what would the point be?
Simply, if you aren't outraged, you aren't paying attention
I hope I'm wrong.
I hope its not too late.

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