Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Walking a tight rope

I have to admit it is a difficult thing to do, to balance the concern over the future America seems pointed at, and having a life with some happiness in it. Balancing the awareness of our trajectory against a bit of blissful ignorance.. Clearly, the worst case scenarios are horrific for anyone who believes in the natural freedoms the Constitution guarantees, and even the best case scenario is that we have a horribly diluted dollar verging on collapse coupled with massive unemployment and an economy which is unlikely to resolve any of that any time in my lifetime or the lifetime of any living soul today.. And what course should one take in the face of this?
Taking a stand and speaking your mind just makes you a target. One of many perhaps, but still who wants that? Who wants to be in the crosshairs?
Damned sure, not me.
But just for a moment, consider the reality of it all against the backdrop our founding fathers conceived for us.
And if after careful consideration, you feel compelled.. Stand Up.

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